Monday, December 8, 2014

Plum Liqueur

Plum Liqueur

3 lbs. purple plums, halved and pitted (7 cups)
4 c. sugar                                 
1 quart gin

In gallon screw top jar combine plums, sugar, and gin; cover with lid.  Invert daily til sugar is dissolved, about four days.  Place in cool, dark place at least 2 months.  Strain through cheesecloth before serving.  Makes 2 quarts.

Plum Liqueur #2

1½ lbs. fresh plums                   
2 c. vodka
1½ c. sugar syrup                      
pinch of cinnamon

Halve and pit plums and combine in jar with vodka, sugar syrup, and cinnamon.  cover and invert jar daily until sugar is dissolved (about four days).  Place in cool, dark place for two, preferrably three, months.  Occasionally shake gently.  Strain.  Ready to serve.  Yield: three cups plus.

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