Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lemon Vinegar

Lemon Vinegar

4 cups ( 1 liter ) white wine vinegar
2 cups ( 500 ml) white wine
zest of 4 lemons - cut into twirls
6 cloves garlic, lightly crushed
1 bunch lemon scented thyme
3 bay leaves
1 extra lemon

Place all the ingredients except the extra lemon in a large, sterilized, screw top jar or a covered crock. Seal, and allow the mixture to infuse at room temperature for at least a month. Strain the lemon vinegar and decant it into new sterilized bottles. Discard the contents of the sieve. Make some extra twirls of lemon zest and add them to the bottles. Store the vinegar in a cool dark place. Makes about 6 cups.

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  1. Okay, now I'm officially sooooo tired I'm almost a puddle, but..... yes always a "but" .... I am also incredibly HAPPY .

    I've made most of the liqueurs, the vinegars, a couple of pies and more. My neighbors now think I'm a "Kitchen Goddess " because of all the gifts from my kitchen to them. They are all old farmer types and recognize that a gift that is " home made " not store bought represents effort expended specifically for their benefit and happiness.
    Yes, after I give myself a little down time, I'm pretty sure I'll still have a happy glow.
    All because of the recipes you've brought to my attention.

    P.S.: Which story had the recipe for tomato beer? If mine make like last year I'm going to need help with the harvest and know just who will lend a hand for a beer they haven't had "since I's a boy".