Monday, November 14, 2011


Over the years I've been asked if there was any one location where all of the recipes, etc. contained within my stories could be located. Well up to now there hasn't been.


Now there is. LOL!

I will be going through each story and posting the recipes and directions on this blog. It is going to take some time to recapture all of those that have already been published in the stories. I'll try and do a few every day. It is going to be a long task but hopefully it will be useful to someone out there.

Also on this site I am going to post an introductory piece for each of the stories, both completed and in progress. Hopefully for those that found this blog through other means such as search engines, this will give you some idea of what all the blather is about and who Mother Hen is.

As a tie in I will try and put the title of the story that the recipe is associated with.


  1. I can't wait to try your recipes. I have read all your blog/stories and cannot wait to finish the ones still in progress. I want you to know that I am a HUGE fan and when I read your stories I can see the people, tell what they are wearing, and even the smells that are in the air. I wish to be a fearless writer posting my own blogs soon. Thank you for setting a high standard!

  2. BTW, where is the Geek story, I cannot seem to find it?!? Please write more soon.

  3. Kathy~ Love your stories! Love the recipes! (Have been collecting them as I go... )
    Also looking for the Geek story and desperately waiting for the others to be finished! You are one of those writers, that I can't stand to read until the story is finished because I am so impatient for the next chapter.
    But I can't help myself... need MOAR!

  4. I have captured the recipes from the Mom's Journal of the Zombie Years & saved it to a word file if you need it contact me.